Fully Managed
IT for SME

Managing Technology for corporations since 2002

Fully Managed
IT for SME

Managing Technology for corporations since 2002.

Experienced Outsourcing Provider

15 years experience in managing IT for SME.

Forward Thinking

Ensuring the best technology for the little guys to complete in businesss

Problem Solvers

We find solutions to business problems for the client.

Customer Support

Our passion is customer experience. All calls are attended to promptly even on weekends

Our Story

Started in 2000 by our founder Dr.M.C.Sajiv, we started with home PC repair business and in a short span of 1 year moved to corporate market.

Since then we have hundreds of solutions to help customers solve every possible business problem.

Customers who sign up for our IT Outsourcing receive all the values on the right with one fixed monthly fees

  • Server Support 80% 80%
  • Application Support 60% 60%
  • Desktop and Laptop 50% 50%
  • IT Strategic Planning 90% 90%
  • Programming 80% 80%
  • Business Automation 80% 80%


Cost Savings

Overview of iCompuCARE IT Outsourcing and Management

iCompuCare is the latest IT managed services method that enhances your organization working productivity with complete 360 degree IT management carried out by most organizations in Malaysia.

With iCompuCare you do not need in house full time technical staff which incurs much uncertainty and costs to the organization by following the guidance of IT Infrastructure Library V3 (ITIL V ) and industry best practices, We offer professional expertise and deliver value to manage your IT requirement to achieve 100% up-time with a low fixed fee per month.

Governed by the Service Level Agreement (SLA), every work details will be recorded via help desk system and all monitored assets will be updated and notify electronically every month for your audit purposes.

The solution proposed is to offer an enterprise level of IT services with an integrated IT management solution designed to your organization without involving a large investment but assured with high return of investment. By having us onboard to tackle your daily IT operational issues, this will enable your organization to focus to the core business without compromising on the quality to meet the business objectives.