PC and Laptop Short Term Rental

Benefit of using our rental services:

  1. Worry free with extra standby units to prevant downtime during rental period
  2. Premium rental solution and services to cover all your rental requirement.
  3. Wide selection of hardware to cover and flexible to cater your request
  4. Affordable and competitive computer rental pricing.
  5. We are using Genuine Software ONLY – Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe and other open source software.

Notebook / Laptops Rental

Notebook/ Laptop Rental

Laptop Rentals are great for the on-the-go businessman who needs a lightweight, portable, sleek, and powerful machine. We have a variety of laptops from powerful mobile workstations to ultra-high performance laptops.

Desktops / PC Rental

Desktop/PC Rental

If your company is setting up a temporary office, it only makes sense to utilize temporary solutions for required technology. Purchasing that much technology in a fell swoop is not only expensive, but also creates a lot of superfluous technology that your company owns after the temporary office is shut down. So getting a desktop computer rental is an ideal solution for keeping your temporary office afloat with low cost.

Projectors Rental

Projector Rental

Renting power point projectors is an easy and cost efficient solution for presentations at conventions and meetings. Most business class projectors will do a good job displaying your PowerPoint presentations.

Plasma/ LCD/ LED TV Rental

Plasma Tv Rental

We offer wide ranges of Plasma Tv, Save money and time by renting Plasma TVs fro your next Trade show or event. We deliver to your door steps within 48 hours. We always for your convenience. People have elaborate PowerPoint presentations that look excellent on the floor standing plasma display.

We only rent to companies and not individuals

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