Why MyWorkDrive

MyWorkDrive gives your enterprise secure file share access without VPN using your Windows File Shares & Active Directory infrastructure.  Remotely edit and share files simply and securely.  No Vendor lock-in, No syncing or migrating to a cloud needed.


Secure Remote File Access to your own storage

MyWorkDrive lets you add cloud functionality to your own file server shares.

  • No SQL Databases to manage, backup or license
  • Publish windows file shares using active directory out of the box
  • No migrating files or backups to new systems
  • 100% Native Windows File Share and NTFS Security integration
  • Works side by side with your existing mapped network drives

Reduce VPN Support costs by 50% or more

Eliminate VPN support costs and security risks for file share remote access with our easy to use Web File Manager, Mapped Drive or Mobile apps  Learn more..

Meet Compliance Concerns

MyWorkDrive provides the necessary safeguards to help companies meet their security requirements and compliance standards such as FIPS, FINRA, HIPAA and the EU Data Protection Directive GDPR.

Stop Data Breaches

Prevent data breaches, data theft, ransomware, malware, and other cyber threats with built-in Data Leak Prevention (DLP) features.  Prevent downloading and sharing while allowing secure encrypted viewing of all files with Watermarks and timestamps to protect your files.  Learn more..

Collaborate in Office 365 but keep your files local

Our secure file sharing software is the only solution that enables enterprises to remotely edit and collaborate on documents within a browser window or Office Mobile apps on iOS or Android, using Office Online while keeping files stored on their own company’s server.  Learn more..


Data Leak Prevention

Prevent data theft, loss of company data and ensure compliance while still allowing viewing and editing of files and shares online.  All user file sharing access is secure, logged and searchable with watermarking and time stamps.  File shares can be locked down to prevent clipboard copying or printing within our encrypted viewer.  Administrators can configure MyWorkDrive to provide alerts on suspicious user activity. Learn more..

All Data Remains on your Server

Unlike services that require upload of your confidential company data, our service leaves all shared files on your servers intact.  We don’t store your data nor your passwords – everything remains under your control in your own private cloud. Learn more..

Two Factor Authentication

Enterprises can take advantage of our DUO.cTwo Factor 2FAom integration to require two-step authentication for secure file sharing remote access to any files.


MyWorkDrive provides the necessary safeguards to help companies meet their security requirements and compliance standards such as FINRA, FIPS, FEDRAMP, HIPAA and  GDPR.  Learn more..