AntI Spam and AV for Emails

CleanM@il is an Internet-based filtering service to monitor and filter e-mail traffic to protect against virus attacks, spam mails and wasted bandwidth. It offers triple-level virus scanning with extensive graphical reports on mail usage patterns.

Today, the business organizations are dependent on Internet to conduct their business communication through email.

The exponential growth of email has resulted in incessant Spam, Viruses and Junk mail being delivered in large quantity causing huge damage and loss to an organization’s communications infrastructure, Resulting in low productivity, irregular bandwidth, lost data, competitive threat, negative branding, legal liability, increased network costs, etc.

This has precipitated the need for having a secure email network. Without it, reputation, customer loyalty and user satisfaction are at stake.

Cleanm@il provides comprehensive, secure & reliable email protection to many corporates.

Using multi layered proprietary technology & Triple level Anti Virus technology it provides corporates with virus free and spam free mail.

Thanks to Cleanm@il, Corporates, big & small, can now effectively manage email security for a healthy business without expensive investments and expert resources


  • 80% of emails coming into your network is Spam or Junk Mail
  • All this spam hogs your bandwidth thus slowing access to hosted applications
  • Real Mails are delayed due to server spending much resources processing junk
  • Mail Server constantly needs to be upgraded to cater for increasing volume of junk mail and not business emails
  • Processing unwanted traffic causes frequent mail system downtime
  • Administrators need to go through thousands of emails to check for real emails caught by mistake wasting IT resources
  • Email borne Viruses can cause havoc in the network by infecting servers and workstations


Why choose CleanM@il?

  • It offers the most up-to-date email security available – continuously updated and managed by a team of spam experts.
  • Instant protection – implementing the service is simple: it can take less than 30 minutes and requires no hardware or software
  • Provides business continuity by ensuring uninterrupted service
  • Real-time configuration and policy management
  • Powerful end-user self service features reduce pressure on IT resources
  • Acts as a backup mail server which stores email if your email server is down. Mail is spooled and resend once your email server is back online

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