Clever Control Employee Monitoring

Let CleverControl take care of the tedious task of controlling your employees. The program will do everything from pointing out constant latecomers to detecting possible saboteurs among your staff.

CleverControl is equipped with a full set of features that allow you to get detailed reports on your employees’ activity throughout the day. This includes recording of all offline actions, like running applications, taking screenshots, and saving all pressed keys as well as complete and thorough reporting on Internet activity: URLs, search enquiries, chats and instant messengers.

Apart from that CleverControl has a few features that any user, especially a business owner, will find very useful: printer and removable flash drives monitoring and recording from webcam and microphone.

Just go through a very easy and quick sign up and installation process and start getting information from your employees’ computers straight away.

  • Real-time remote control of all kinds of employees’ activity: applications running, web-surfing, Internet search, social networking, chats, emails, IM, printers, USB-drives.
  • Cloud-based solution with remote access via web-account. No dedicated server required.
  • Installation and set-up in less than 3 minutes
  • No IT-specialist required
  • FREE 14-day trial period for unlimited number of PCs

Remote monitoring via secure web account

Track all your employees’ PC activities via a secured online account without actually accessing their computers. Just log in through any browser and remotely monitor your staff from anywhere

Real-time Live Monitoring

Watch the computer screens of your employees remotely in real time. CleverControl allows you to view simultaneously (on the same screen) from 1 to 16 of your employees’ computers.


Website Activity

CleverControl monitors and keeps record of all websites visited by an employee.
The program also logs the time and duration of site visits.
Website Activity information is displayed in convenient charts and graphs and can be easily reviewed.


Application Activity

CleverControl tracks start time and duration of applications usage. Employees’ Application Activity data is displayed in convenient charts and graphs and can be easily reviewed.



Keystroke Logging

Monitor your employees’ keystrokes. Find out what he/she types right now and what information was entered earlier.
Recording of mouse clicks is available in all applications including web browsers, Skype, and IM.



CleverControl records all Skype dialogs



Chat monitoring of more than 20 popular IMs: ICQ, QQ etc.


Facebook Activity + other Social Networks

Recording and control over all activity in the world’s most popular social network Facebook as well as in Twitter, MySpace, VK etc


Screen Capture

CleverControl constantly makes screenshots of active applications’ windows


Search Engines activity monitoring

All search phrases that your employees enter in popular search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL,Yandex are recorded.



The program makes snapshots of computer user through any active web-camera


Mic Sound recordings

CleverControl can use computer’s microphone to record sound in the computer surroundings


Removable storage devices (USB, HDD, SD) Monitoring

Recording of all instances of any removable drive USB, HDD or SD usage on a computer.


Control over Printing

Monitoring of all times when a printing device is in use with task name


Hidden Mode

The CleverControl Agent will be invisible for a user anywhere on the PC including the Task Manager.


Remote Uninstallation

CleverControl can be removed from a PC from your online account without access to the PC

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