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Wireless communication is a key integral of this aspect. Installation of wireless systems for signalling control is essential for the Telecommunication sector. The role of wireless systems, both voice, and data, in connecting passengers to outside world cannot be overstated. We are in the information age where customers need to be in constant communication, for both business and personal purpose. Customers want to use their cellular devices even at high speeds. Ignoring their perception and experience is detrimental to the economy.

The installation of a wireless system is in line with today’s competitive travel infrastructure landscape. It is essential that such systems are tailored to today’s traveling mobile subscriber. This will provide the most comprehensive, effective railway coverage solutions requirements.

iCompuCARE provides Wi-Fi design services for specialty Wi-Fi wireless networking solutions and all customization equipments + Access Point system design.Certified Wireless LAN Support Specialist (CWSP) and Advanced Wireless LAN Design Specialists (CWDS) are focused on consulting and support for the related product mix. SPEED IT expands on these capabilities with a broad, deep understanding of RF signal propagation and the multi-vendor environment.

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